MSEide + MSEgui

Pascal Cross Platform GUI Development System

Version 4.6

MSEide is a Rapid Application Development IDE for platform independent rich GUI applications in the Pascal language.
It comes with its own GUI toolkit called
MSEgui, which ensures programs are portable.
MSEgui has identical look and feel on all supported platforms, the look of the widgets is highly configurable.
The widgetset library is completely written in Pascal and links directly to xlib on Linux and to gdi32 on win32.
MSEgui includes sophisticated DB-access components and DB-aware widgets.
Main goal of development is to provide a
handy, stable and very productive tool for professionals.
MSEide+MSEgui currently runs on i386-linux, i386-win32, x86_64-win64, x84_64-linux, x86_64-freebsd and arm-linux.


IDE is under GPL, library under modified LGPL like Free Pascal RTL.


1. Download and install FPC 3.0.4 or 3.0.2, you can get it from:

2. Download the development environment:

3. Download the IDE binary

Linux 32 bit: mseide_i386_linux_4_6.tar.gz
Windows 32 bit:
Windows 64 bit:
Linux 64 bit: mseide_x86_64_linux_4_6.tar.gz
FreeBSD 64 bit: mseide_x86_64_freebsd_4_6.tar.gz
Linux ARM (Raspberry Pi): mseide_arm_linux_eabihf_4_6.tar.gz

4. Extract the archives to a directory of your choice ('yourdirectory') .
5. Run 'yourdirectory/bin/mseide' on linux or 'yourdirectory\bin\mseide.exe' on windows.
6. In 'Settings'-'Configure MSEide'-'${MSEDIR}' select 'yourdirectory/msegui'.
7. In 'Project'-'Open' select 'yourdirectory/msegui/apps/demo/demo.prj'.
8. 'Target'-'Continue'.

If you wish to to compile the IDE:

1. In 'Project'-'Open' select 'yourdirectory/msegui/apps/ide/mseide.prj'.
2. 'Target'-'Continue'.



Mailing list, questions, bug reports :
NNTP gateway:
Mail archive:

Community website:

IRC: #mseide

IRC log:


Beginner course (German):

MSEide+MSEgui binaries

MSEide+MSEgui project group

MSEide+MSEgui source

MSEuniverse community project:

MSEuniverse binaries, MSEgit, MSEspice, MSErun, MSEkicadBOM:

MSElang, the future compiler for MSEide+MSEgui: